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Our Services

Boxout Express is all about efficiency, reliability, and transparency for our clients. Our main aim is to offer you the most cost-effective solutions to help you deliver your shipment on time.

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COD (Cash on Delivery)

We act as a bridge to help you grow your customer base by collecting the fees on your behalf.

Online Payment Solutions

We provide your customers with secure, convenient ways to pay for their merchandise.

Shipment Tracking

We offer an easy and convenient way to track your shipments by logging into your account anytime.

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Warehousing and Fulfillment

We provide all the services you need to get your products on the shelf and then out for distribution.

Temperature Controlled Delivery

We are able to deliver your products at the right temperature, and we have experience working with many different kinds of products, including medicine.

Cargo Services

We handle sea, air freight, and cargo, including LTL (Less than Truckload) and FLT (Full Truckload).

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